Mexico, December 2011

I finally managed to dive the simply mindblowing caves of Mexico. Joe and I headed out for a week of super relaxed diving and pretty much all around holiday. Compared to all the hard work during our trip to the Herault earlier this year this really could have not been more relaxed.

In order to make the laziness complete we decided to do guided dives with Zero Gravity which had the nice advantage that we did not have to bother with hire cars but got the full pick-up service to and from the hotel each day.

Not much to say about the diving apart from that each day topped my list of best ever dives and there simply was no dramas or anything going wrong…

Another cool thing was that we managed to combine fairly chunky dives with doing a fair bit of video work at the same time. Joe had some new light to play with and from first looks the results are pretty presentable.
It is really nice to see how our team work is improving on these video dives and for my part I start to get pretty addicted to swimming around with several thousand lumen of light output in my hand. Being a light monkey is quite hard work (not really) but you get the prime view every time and don’t have to bother with all the technical gibberish.

Danny, Chris and Fred did a good job of giving us a bit of a grand tour during the week and I am sure it won’t be long before our next trip out there:)..although next time for a bit longer

No pictures again as there simply was no room to bring my camera and I am stuck at sea with dead slow internet atm so can’t copy some of Joe but once he has edited some of the video I will post it up here.

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