Secrets of the Yucatan: Sistema Camilo

Joe has finished his second video from our trip to Mexico and I am simply amazed how he manages to top his own work every time. Personally I think this is one of his very best and especially the sequence of the Black Forest in combination with the music remind me why I love cave diving so much.

So if you are ever tired of carrying your kit around or paying insane excess prices for your dive luggage at airports and you start to doubt why on earth you bother with it all I suggest you take a breath, relax and watch this video.

Funnily enough this was actually the worst dive of the trip for me. I was severely underweight and the empty stage on one side with the two super heavy battery packs on the other side caused me to nearly roll over every time I stopped finning. Trying to stay at depth required a certain amount of effort and I sepnd the rest of the day with a massive post dive headache. Sometimes virtual diving is actually more fun:(…not really

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