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Mendip Swildons .Still002

Swildon’s Hole Sump 12

I finally managed to dive Sump 12 in Swildon’s Hole, UK. I had been to Swildon’s many times before but the trip to Sump 12 is something I always wanted to do ever since I started caving over 10 years ago


Bosnia, July 2012

We had talked since quite some time to check out some new dive locations and go somewhere else than the usual places so needless to say when Renato invited us to join the Karst Odyssey Exploration project in Bosnia Herzegovina we were quite over the moon and made sure not to let the opportunity slip away.

Secrets of the Yucatan: Sistema Camilo

Joe has finished his second video from our trip to Mexico and I am simply amazed how he manages to top his own work every time. Personally I think this is one of his very best and especially the sequence of the Black Forest in combination with the music remind me why I love cave diving so much.

Secrets of the Yucatan: Dos Pisos

Okay as promised in my last post, here is the first of a series of videos that Joe is currently putting together. He also did a good write-up on his site about the technical issues etc.

Watching the movie reminds me of a really good trip and why it was worth the hassle to bring all the extra gear to Mexico.

Enjoy and stay tuned for more to come!!!