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Photo by Joe Hesketh

Herault 2011

We just got back from two fantastic weeks diving and caving in the Herault. The trip was organised by Christine Grosart and it was somewhat unique in that we were a bigger group than the usual gang I have been on so many dive trips before. The names of the participants together with a detailed real time trip report and more pictures can be found on Christine’s blog. However I thought I add my own memories here and write a few words down.


France, Lot August 2010

After the trips in December and May have been rather wet I was really looking forward to Sunshine and perfect cave conditions as is almost the norm at that time of the year.

On our last trip in May we did a lot of small caves and sidemount stuff so I was also looking forward to do some bigger dives this time and get the scooters wet…

France, Lot May 2010

Not a big write up this time.

We had a good week and did some sidemount caves plus some dry caving in the Pucelle which was a welcome difference to the usual stuff.