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Picture by Uli Kunz - www.uli-kunz.com

Project Baseline – Reseau de L’Ouysse, (Cabouy) 2013

In September I have been involved in an exciting project to further document the dry passage of the Gouffre de Cabouy in the French Lot.

For this project we were joined by professional UW photographer Uli Kunz as well as a TV crew that did a documentary about Uli’s work and a the project in general.


France, Lot August 2010

After the trips in December and May have been rather wet I was really looking forward to Sunshine and perfect cave conditions as is almost the norm at that time of the year.

On our last trip in May we did a lot of small caves and sidemount stuff so I was also looking forward to do some bigger dives this time and get the scooters wet…

France, Lot May 2010

Not a big write up this time.

We had a good week and did some sidemount caves plus some dry caving in the Pucelle which was a welcome difference to the usual stuff.

France, Lot August 2009

In August we finally made it back to France for a great week of diving.
The Lot Region is absolutely beautiful and it’s always nice to be there. Caves are fantastic and the whole scenery is just cool.
This was also the first time I took my dive mobile on a proper trip since I bought it the previous year. After all one of the main reasons for buying it was to have a car with enough space to just jug the  kit in and go diving……